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Support Services | 协助服务

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ESOL | ESOL 英语课程

Speech & Language | 说话与语言

Learning Difficulty | 学习障碍

Reading/Literacy | 阅读/读写能力

Emotional/Behavioral | 情绪智力/操行

Other | 其它

I attest that the information provided above in the “School History/ Support Services” section is accurate and complete, and understand that failure to fully disclose any and all of the above information may result in delayed/nullified acceptance of my child.

本人声明上述及「课程申请表附页」(如适用)所填报资料及已 提交的证明文件,根据本人所知,均属真確无误。同时明白未能 充分提供任何上述信息可能导致延迟/取消录取孩子的入学资格。

Date: Aug 07, 2020
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My signature below affirms my understanding of the following:

1. I have read and understand the above requirements for Admissions to RAS.
1. 本人已查阅并理解申请莱佛士美国学校的要求。

2. I understand that it is extremely important to the admissions and potential enrollment of my child that I fully disclose requested information and have not falsified any documentation provided. If requested by the school I will take responsibility to provide document authentication/proof of eligibility. I understand that denial of admission or possible dismissal from RAS may result if I failed to provide accurate, authentic information during the admissions procedure.
2. 本人声明上述及「申請表附页」(如适用)所填报资料及已提交的证明文件,根据本人所知,均属正确无误。 同时, 明白未能充分提供任何上述信息可能导致延迟/取消孩子的入学资格。

3. I understand RAS may contact my child’s previous school for further records or questions.
3. 本人清楚理解莱佛士美国学校能直接向学生曾经就读的学校要求学生在该校就读期间的学校记录或询问其它有关学生的问题。

4. I understand that completion of this application does not guarantee my child a seat at RAS.
4. 本人清楚理解完成此申请表并不保证孩子在莱佛士美国学校的席位。

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Date: Aug 07, 2020