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School History of Applicant

Note: if no school history is available, please write NA in the box. Please list most recent school first.

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Language | 语言

Parent’s assessment of applicant’s ability in English:

Support Services | 协助服务

Has your child ever been tested and/or received help in the following areas (please provide all test results available).

ESOL | ESOL 英语课程

Speech & Language | 说话与语言

Learning Difficulty | 学习障碍

Reading/Literacy | 阅读/读写能力

Emotional/Behavioral | 情绪智力/操行

Other | 其它

I attest that the information provided above in the “School History/ Support Services” section is accurate and complete, and understand that failure to fully disclose any and all of the above information may result in delayed/nullified acceptance of my child.

本人声明上述及「课程申请表附页」(如适用)所填报资料及已 提交的证明文件,根据本人所知,均属真確无误。同时明白未能 充分提供任何上述信息可能导致延迟/取消录取孩子的入学资格。

Date: Jan 21, 2019